The Artist


The artist is a professional who creates unique work from his imagination. He draws inspiration from many different sources such as his society, the Internet, and his own experiences. Furthermore, she may decide to specialise in a specific medium such as water or oil painting, sculpture, and weaving. Artists also work with other type of

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Hard Work Is Not Enough

Hard Work

You must work hard to excel in your academics or career and rank among the best. But just working hard is not enough, you need to adopt a system that provides you feedback on how you perform per time and helps you continually improve. Hard work is not enough Report from a research by the psychologist

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The Career Planning System

Career Planning System

In 2018, I found a simple but powerful system to help fulfill our mission here on Career Prep NG. It is the Five Processes of Career Planning model developed by Dr. Kris Magnusson. These processes are Initiation, Exploration, Decision Making, Preparation, and Implementation. They may sound complex at first but they are actually relatable, straightforward

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Writing as a Life Skill

Writing as a life skill

Writing is one of the most important skills you need to succeed in life. Whether in school or at work, the ability to write well can make a huge difference in your performance. Its benefits extend even to your well being and quality of your relationships. You can write in many different forms such as journal

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Eniola Aluko – Footballer

Eniola Aluko

Eniola Aluko is a professional footballer, lawyer, and sports commentator. I watched a bit of Eniola Aluko’s interview on CNN World Sports and was impressed by her confident, calm personality, in addition to her choice of words, and diction as she talked about the England Women’s ambition at the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup. England

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