Profile #3 – Funds Transfer Officer


I have known Amenze Iyamu since 1991, from way back in secondary school. He is passionate about education, mentoring young people, and the wellbeing and progress of Nigerians and Nigeria. 

TCGP: Thank you for your agreeing to share your thoughts with us. Please tell us about your work. 

Amenze: I work as a funds transfer staff with a bank where I primarily help to transfer funds within and outside Nigeria.

TCGP: What are the key things I need to succeed as this job?

Amenze: Speed and accuracy. Customer service excellence.

TCGP: How much schooling do I need here?

Amenze: University education. I obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Ibadan. Any good degree can get you a banking job.

TCGP: Can you advise on any additional required professional training?

Amenze: Yes, professional training offered by Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), and the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) are valuable to your career success. 

TCGP: What prospects exist for the student who decides to take up this profession?

Amenze: Lots of prospects

TCGP: Who is your role model?

Amenze: I have lots of role models. I can specifically mention Niyi Adesanya, Lanre Olusola, and Gbeminiyi Eboda.

TCGP: Any other advice to the interested youth out there? OR perhaps, any comments on this project?

Amenze: Young people need career counseling. This website will help a lot.

Amenze can be reached via email at amenzeiyamu at gmail dot com; Twitter: @amenzeiyamu.

You should also check out his blog:

* The survey responses were fleshed out to read better while preserving the opinions of the respondent.

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