Profile #2 – Financial Accounting Manager


This is the second in the series of feedback from our career surveys featuring Saheed Ajadi, a Financial Accounting Manager. Please feel free to contact Saheed, he graciously accepted to provide guidance to anyone looking to an education and career in accounting.

TCGP: Thank you for taking time out to respond to our survey. What does it mean to be a financial accounting manager?

Saheed: Thank you. My job is to ensure that all financial activities of the organization I work for are properly carried out, and to correct any occurring errors where necessary. It includes management of trial balance, tax, insurance, sales invoices, vouchers and journals, etc.

TCGP: What qualities can help someone succeed in your profession?

Saheed: You need to be organized. You are at an advantage if you have strong numeracy skills.

TCGP: How much schooling do I need to take up this profession?

Saheed: Typically, you attend a university [or a polytechnic]. I obtained a Higher National Diploma (HND) from Kwara Polytechnic and a postgraduate diploma (PGD) from the Lagos State University (LASU).

TCGP: Please mention the secondary school subjects required for WASSCE/NECO and UTME.

Saheed: Economics, Commerce, Government, Book-Keeping and Accounts are the core subjects you want to choose asides the mandatory Mathematics and English.

TCGP: Can you advise on any required professional training or certification outside of academics?

Saheed: We usually consider two paramount professional certifications in Nigeria: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). [Both of these certifications have examinations at various stages. You will find more information on the websites of the professional bodies by clicking on the above links.]

TCGP: It seems there are too many accountants! What prospects exist for the student who decides to take up this profession?

Saheed: Professions in Finance and Accounting are developing rapidly as businesses emerge, grow, and expand into new markets. The services rendered accountants will only become more crucial as time goes on. So, the answer to that question: The prospects of becoming an accountant are quite good.

TCGP: Who is your role model?

Saheed: I will mention both Akintola Williams and Zakari Muhammad. These are my role models.

Questions? You can reach Saheed via email at hello at thecareerguideproject dot com or post your comment below.

* The survey responses were fleshed out to read better while preserving the opinions of the respondent.

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