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Eniola Aluko – Footballer

Eniola Aluko is a professional footballer, lawyer, and sports commentator. I watched a bit of Eniola Aluko’s interview on CNN World Sports and was impressed by her confident, calm personality, in addition to her choice of words, and diction as she talked about the England Women’s ambition at the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup.

England is through to the knock out phase and look to be on course to do better than their 2015 bronze win.

A little research

I caught only two, three minutes of that interview but I repeated her name over and over so I would remember to search for it online. I was not disappointed. Eniola, by the way, is a Nigerian (knew that by her Yoruba name) and is Sone Aluko’s sister. Sone chose to play for the Super Eagles of Nigeria while Eni opted for England’s Lionesses. The media world praised her as one of the star commentators at the 2018 Men’s World Cup in Russia. Evidently, she’s gaining as much popularity (if not more) for her knowledge of the game than for her dribbling or scoring skills on the field.

On her mother’s influence

I’m really grateful to my mum for not listening to relatives in Nigeria who said it wasn’t ladylike to play football. They wanted me to play tennis because you could wear a skirt. My mum knew it was a gift.

Thank God for mothers!

More inspiring info

  • Eniola at 17 years old was the youngest footballer to play for the England Senior Women’s team
  • She was the first female pundit to participate on BBC’s Match of The Day.
  • Under Amour, the sportswear label, signed her as the very first British female athlete
  • She graduated with a First Class degree from Brunel University
  • Eni juggles football with sports commentary and practice as a Sports and Entertainment Lawyer.

Talk about clarity, talk about focus! I’m definitely a fan. This young woman is a shining light, a role model for young girls and every young person interested in playing professional football or any other sport.


I found this Wikipedia article informative: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eniola_Aluko

On her mother’s influence: Quote from https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2zJsgpL2s18zBT252n61B5w/who-inspires-eniola-aluko

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