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Internal Auditor

We are happy to have Kehinde Ogunjemilusi on Professional Profiles this week. Kehinde is an Internal Auditor with two years’ experience in Auditing and Financial Accounting at a leading pharmaceutical company in Nigeria. She is smart, passionate about her job, and is a good example to young women in Nigeria. Career Prep NG: Thank you for taking …

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Nelson Mandela @ 100

Nelson Mandela

The world celebrates Nelson Mandela’s posthumous 100th birthday today. His life of purpose, knowledge, wisdom, and sacrifice continues to inspire us. Here are 10 things Mandela told us about life and education we all should think about and live by: 1. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. …

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Paul Buchheit – Computer Engineer

Paul Buchheit

Paul Buchheit, Computer Engineer and Entrepreneur is the creator of Gmail and FriendFeed (acquired by Facebook). Paul worked briefly for a year at Intel before joining Google as the 23rd employee in 1999. In 2001, he developed an email system as a side project which eventually became the hugely successful Gmail. While his professional accomplishments …

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Profile #3 – Funds Transfer Officer

I have known Amenze Iyamu since 1991, from way back in secondary school. He is passionate about education, mentoring young people, and the wellbeing and progress of Nigerians and Nigeria.  TCGP: Thank you for your agreeing to share your thoughts with us. Please tell us about your work.  Amenze: I work as a funds transfer staff with …

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Profile #2 – Financial Accounting Manager

This is the second in the series of feedback from our career surveys featuring Saheed Ajadi, a Financial Accounting Manager. Please feel free to contact Saheed, he graciously accepted to provide guidance to anyone looking to an education and career in accounting. TCGP: Thank you for taking time out to respond to our survey. What does …

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Profile #1 – IT Professional

I sent out a survey a while ago to friends, professionals in various disciplines for information about their profession. The first in the series comes from Ekene Olatunji, an information technology professional specializing in enterprise solutions such as collaboration and learning management systems. Enjoy. TCGP: The IT field seems to be an ever-widening circle. What prospects exist …

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