Sports Betting: 3 Things You Lose When You Bet

Sports Betting

Sports betting is now the favourite, and sometimes rewarding, past time of many young Nigerians. The real problem with sports betting and all gambling isn’t that you could lose your money, it is that you lose the far more precious resources of your time, energies (physical, intellectual, creative, emotional), and the focus you need to …

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The Artist


The artist is a professional who creates unique work from his imagination. He draws inspiration from many different sources such as his society, the Internet, and his own experiences. Furthermore, she may decide to specialise in a specific medium such as water or oil painting, sculpture, and weaving. Artists also work with other type of …

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The Career Planning System

Career Planning System

In 2018, I found a simple but powerful system to help fulfill our mission here on Career Prep NG. It is the Five Processes of Career Planning model developed by Dr. Kris Magnusson. These processes are Initiation, Exploration, Decision Making, Preparation, and Implementation. They may sound complex at first but they are actually relatable, straightforward …

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Paul Buchheit – Computer Engineer

Paul Buchheit

Paul Buchheit, Computer Engineer and Entrepreneur is the creator of Gmail and FriendFeed (acquired by Facebook). Paul worked briefly for a year at Intel before joining Google as the 23rd employee in 1999. In 2001, he developed an email system as a side project which eventually became the hugely successful Gmail. While his professional accomplishments …

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How to Choose a Career: A Guide for Young People in Nigeria

How to choose a career

How do you choose a career? Should you consider your passion, potential, or the prospects of a certain profession? Or should you conform to family tradition or blaze a new trail? Some people are dreamers intent on impact and meaning. They want their work to contribute good to the world. At the other end of …

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